Boat Hire Terms & Conditions


  1. No license is required for handling a motor boat up to 30hp.

  2. Prior to renting, a control of the boat’s condition is made by the customer and is delivered only if boat condition is satisfactory for the customer

  3. The boat is delivered to the customer full of fuel. Fuel consumption is charged extra and is paid by the customer upon return at the company’s premises.

  4. The boat is insured for accidents with third parties.

  5. The Stefanos Ski School & Boat hire  shall not be liable for loss or damage of property of the client during the rental

The customer agrees and accepts:

  1. To deliver the vessel at Stefanos Ski School in the state that was received. The customer will be liable for any damage caused to the vessel by misuse or neglect.

  2. To deliver the boat at 18:00 pm ( If you are running late you must call Stefanos to know the time of your return . If we have no notice for your delay there will be extra charges )

  3. Early return of the vessel does not entitle the customer a refund claim.

  4. Do not allow any of the persons on board during the hiring to handle the boat.

  5. The maximum distance of vessel from the coast should not exceed 2NM

  6. Customers agree not to go on the north side of Skiathos island. Only if this is agreed with Stefanos in the morning upon perfect weather conditions

  7. You are not allowed to go to Skopelos

  8. You


The customer agrees and accepts:

1. Deposit should be paid to confirm the boat

2. The briefing is at 10:00 am. If you are late for that time then there may be a delay on what time we can do the briefing again before you take the boat.

3. If you are not at the ski school till 11:00  and you haven’t contacted us by phone or text message that you are going to be late, we have the right to rent the boat to another customer and the deposit is NOT  returnable.

4. If for any reason you change your mind on a rental day with out any warning, then the full amount of the rental boat should be paid.