Last day of the summer , the weather is amazing totally flat and renting a boat for a day is a must !!

The day before an Italian guy ,with his Chinese wife comes and asks about the boat hire .

Me as always with all our customers I explain with the smallest detail how are boats are and what they include .That day the newer boats with the newer engines where booked , do straight away I say to him that I have availability of “KONSTANTINA “ and “STAVROS “.

I show him the pictures I show to everybody and I tell him the following :KONSTANTINA BOAT is one of our older boats with a new 30 hp engine and it costs 90€ plus petrol , and STAVROS BOAT , is one of the older boats with an old 2 stroke engine .

Ok he says I will have the 4 stroke engine KONSTANTINA with the older boat .He also says , hey if i have a good time I will write a good review on TripAdvisor!!(Meaning that if something go wrong I will write a bad review )

Next morning we go through the briefing with the smallest detail and then I personally explained to everyone how to operate the engine, how to drop the anchors etc .

When I finish show to each one to the boat they booked !When he sees the boat he booked he turned to me totally disgusted telling my this is a ugly and old boat !!I say to him please don’t insult my boat !! Is been going out for more than ten years and people live that boat .

I also tell him that this boat has a new 4 stroke engine 30 hp and is really reliable and really comfortable for two people !!

His Chinese wife was talking with my wife telling her that this is unacceptable!! Creating a bad atmosphere !!

My friend Ramolo !! I don’t want that in my last day of the summer , I didn’t trick you I explained to you in very good english what is your boat So I return his 20 euros deposit and he gone shouting on the beach !!!

Any way I wish you good luck and a safe journey back home !

The next family waiting for a cancellation they had a FANTASTIC day with Konstantina boat , and they thank you so much for canceling the boat .

All the best Stef

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