05Jan 2019

Stefanos Ski School & Boat Hire Center started the procedure to get certified quality by TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS. Congratulations tο Stefanos Ski School & Boat Hire, the first water sports center in Sporades (Vasilias Beach, Skiathos) for its decision to be certified with the “Water Sports Certified Quality” model of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS. Our family of […]

09Dec 2018

Christmas soon, a wonderful period for everyone.Skiathos goes empty this beautufull period , is the time everyone taking a break and rest from the busy summer . All people come refreshed and ready with new ideas for the summer. The 60 % of the people who deal with tourists ( Hotels , Restaurnats , Shops ) in […]

01Oct 2018

End of the season with “ZORBA Cyclon” bringing some crazy strong wind and rain. One more season comes to an end and we are finishing with some terrible weather. At first, powerful winds forced everybody to take all the boats safe out from the sea. Two days before the storm is finished lots and lots of rain […]

06Sep 2018
Wakeboard lessons

Wakeboard Lessons Learn how to wakeboard from your first lesson. Our goal is from you to have a wonderful time and most of all to learn how to wakeboard. We start we a dry land lesson so you will understand everything we will try. After you go on the learning boom and there you will […]

11Jul 2018

How NOT to anchor your boat! We offer full tuition in the morning with specific examples and photos on how NOT to anchor your boat. But sometimes things go a bit differently. There was no damage in the boat, and everything was great ! I am sure the captain understood his mistake, and from now […]

15Jun 2018

How we want you to anchor our boats…. by Stavros 🙂 Stavros is showing how we would like you to anchor the boat safely away from the beach. On the video, we are on Arko’s beach in Arko’s island for my daughters birthday. Stavros will bring the boat close to the beach so with safety […]

08May 2018

A wonderful  couple with out any experience rented a boat in our opening day for summer 2018. It was last night when i got an email saying Hi we would like to book a boat tomorrow !! All our boats are ready for the water BUT the propeller are missing as we have send them […]

05Apr 2018

The wrong way to anchor your boat !! As we can see we have two captains. Captain No1 left his boat on the beach, and Captain No 2 anchored his boat perfectly about 20-30 meters of the beach. We NEVER leave the boat on the beach as it will be scratched and when the big […]