Don’t miss a day out with one of our boats , i want to than Richard and Rebeka for this lovely video !   Kids had lovely time and they loved every single moment , sleeping or jumping and swimming of the boat .

Tsougria beach was their favourite beach , as it is always calm and the clear bright green water together with the fine gold sand makes Tsougria one of the most popular destination for our boats to visit .

Every day they had a lovely meal in Arkos island ( another island very close to Tsougria ) .

There Akti the mother ( cooking amazing Greek traditional recipes ) , George the Father ( in charge for all th grilled fish , or meat )and Panagiotis the son  ( serving always with a smile , and always helpful to  the captains to anchor the boat safely , so you can enjoy your meal   )offer real Greek recipes


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  1. Hello we would like to rent a small boat for 4-5 persons for a day here in Skiathos
    Do you have any and what’s the cost?
    Regards Daniela


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