Boat rental instructional videos

How to anchor your boat

Anchoring in Tsougria beach

Tsougria island has some restrictions you should know. The port police allow us certain areas to anchor, let’s see where and how we can anchor

The Briefing

Some general thinks about the briefing we do every morning. There are more details we gom through adjusting to what you ask

Boat Trip with Stefanos

Our magnificent trips with Stefano taking you to the most magical places around Skiathos

Arkos & Tsougria

In memory of the most wonderful person i ever met Kostas Koudounas. Arkos and Tsougria beautiful destinations on your visit to Skiathos

Black & Blue Cave

Perfect weather on our boat trip made it able to see black and blue cave before Lalaria

..... Easter Tips

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Sunrise in Lalaria

We loved the sunrise in Lalaria and we like to share it with you !