Another year was gone! Due to bad weather, we had to take the boats out a bit earlier this summer.
It is a day that we take all the boats out of the water to service and clean them ready for the next year.  George pulls all the boats to a neighbouring beach which is easy to put the trailer in the water and get the boats out safely.

Last day of  summer !! 1 Stefanos Ski School & Boat rental

After that, we have to clean and service the carefully making sure they are all ready for another season. Summer 2017 was a good summer with very few crazy captains doing some crazy things.

Me, Jasmin and George want to say a big thank all these wonderful people writing lovely reviews for us! that makes us very happy and we try harder for better services.

Best wishes for a great winter, we will keep you updated with videos and more tutorials on how to safely rent a boat for a day !!


Besst regards

Stefanos , Gasemi ,George , Stavros ,Alexandra




Stavros last anchoring for summer 2017  🙂








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