• Giannis Boat 4 stroke engine
  • Katerina Boat

Our Boats

Our Boats

We rent 4 polyester boats with 4 and 2 stroke engines and we keep them in great condition.
 We often change the engines with new ones to ensure safety and

reliability .

All our boats have new canopies and all the comforts for a great day out exploring the magical Skiathos Beaches.
Each of our boats has all the necessary safety equipment inspected by the port police very often.

The prices for summer 2017 start from 80 euros up to 110, depends on the boat and engine of the boat.
You van book the boats from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm
Is very important for you to have a wonderful day so you will come back, and we are proud to say that the 60% are returning happy customers.

OUR BRIEFING is great with lots and lots of information for you. Even if you are professional you will have to listen to what we have to tell you.
After the briefing, we sow you the boat and what is what! There are many cases we don't give the boat because we believe the person in charge is not capable of handling the boat.
Stefanos has more than 30 years experience so is easy to understand who and who isn't experienced

THE BEST THINK TO DO  definitely the best think to do in Skiathos, rent a boat  and see the beauty of Skiathos, as i say is the only way to see Skiathos

  • Giannis Boat

    Giannis Boat is a four strike new engine

  • Katerina

    Katerin BOAT