Our Portofolio

  • Kneeboard

    A kneeboard video we found the internet !!

  • Waterski School Photos

    Photos from the ski school If you have any photos from your summer activities with us please send us a copy!! Will love to include your photos in our web site !

  • Kneeboard lesson

    A video we found on the internet , for you to get an idea on what is Kneeboard . Do you have a video when you learned with us ? We will love to have it and put it on our web site

  • Back flip on wakeboard

    A good video for Stefanos Ski School customers . Shows the back flip , great to keep in mind wile you planing your holidays in Skiathos this summer

  • Boat Hire gallery

    Motor boat hire at Stefanos Ski school . Photos and videos we select for you

  • Learning your first jump on wakeboard

    Learning your first jumb on wakeboard

  • Video with extreme rides

    A 6 years old ,with his friends 11 and 17 having great fun on the extremes

  • Ruterning after a lovly day with a motor boat -Video

    Rent a boat for a day, find your own deserted beach, and discover your own paradise. is safe and you don't need license. Stefanos will explain to you the map and how to operate the boats.