Last day of the summer , the weather is amazing totally flat and renting a boat for a day is a must !!

The day before an Italian guy ,with his Chinese wife comes and asks about the boat hire .

Me as always with all our customers I explain with the smallest detail how are boats are and what they include .That day the newer boats with the newer engines where booked , do straight away I say to him that I have availability of “KONSTANTINA “ and “STAVROS “.

I show him the pictures I show to everybody and I tell him the following :KONSTANTINA BOAT is one of our older boats with a new 30 hp engine and it costs 90€ plus petrol , and STAVROS BOAT , is one of the older boats with an old 2 stroke engine .

Ok he says I will have the 4 stroke engine KONSTANTINA with the older boat .He also says , hey if i have a good time I will write a good review on TripAdvisor!!(Meaning that if something go wrong I will write a bad review )

Next morning we go through the briefing with the smallest detail and then I personally explained to everyone how to operate the engine, how to drop the anchors etc .

When I finish show to each one to the boat they booked !When he sees the boat he booked he turned to me totally disgusted telling my this is a ugly and old boat !!I say to him please don’t insult my boat !! Is been going out for more than ten years and people live that boat .

I also tell him that this boat has a new 4 stroke engine 30 hp and is really reliable and really comfortable for two people !!

His Chinese wife was talking with my wife telling her that this is unacceptable!! Creating a bad atmosphere !!

My friend Ramolo !! I don’t want that in my last day of the summer , I didn’t trick you I explained to you in very good english what is your boat So I return his 20 euros deposit and he gone shouting on the beach !!!

Any way I wish you good luck and a safe journey back home !

The next family waiting for a cancellation they had a FANTASTIC day with Konstantina boat , and they thank you so much for canceling the boat .

All the best Stef Some times !!! Some people !!!! 1 Stefanos Ski School & Boat rental

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  1. We were the lucky family that were able to take Konstantina out for the day after she had been rejected! We had a fabulous day in a brilliant boat. Jasmine gave us a comprehensive briefing and Stefanos fully explained the operation of the boat and provided life jackets for the children so we felt confident taking them out. The children loved feeding the fish in our own private bay and we enjoyed plenty of peace and quiet when they both fell asleep on deck! It was the best day of our holiday and we feel very glad that Konstantina got passengers who really appreciated her.

    • Hi Ruth and thank you for your lovely comment !
      We are SO HAPPY to know that you had a lovely day with our Konstantina !! Each boat has a name a its own character 🙂 We love our boats and we do our best to keep the in the best conditions so our geusts friends and customers to have a GREAT DAY !!
      Thank you again for sharing this with us , and we hope to see you this summer !!
      Tje warmest regards


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