Yesterday a couple rent a boat from us .Everything was ready and at ten we started the briefing .
The briefing is a half an hour briefing and we go through everything , even the smallest details.
Then we explain the boats and how to operate them .
If we see that someone is not very comfortable operating the boat we do feather explanations with feather details and lot of practice .

There are many times we didn’t rent out our boat to people we think were not capable of driving them .
We pay special care and attention to people when they say ” I am very experienced ” because when you feel really relaxed is more likely to do something wrong and not listen to our detailed information .
The captain yesterday had one of new boat “Katerina ” with a four-stroke engine 30 hp , and the length of the boat is 5.10 .
The first think i always say in the morning is that you are renting a small pleasure boat NOT a speed boat , and that’s wy you will go SLOWLY !!
If you have boat driving license , then we can get you a speed boat with a 90 hp and then you can go fast.
He came back complaining that the boats are not going fast and we have done something to reduce the speed of the boat !!!

Anyway we explained one more time that he didn’t rent a speed boat , and if he wanted a fast boat we would have rent to him a rib with a 90 hp

The boats are big ,  only for the reason that they are licensed for 5 so  a family with 2 or 3 kids can rent them out and go everywhere nice and slowly  to explore the beautiful beaches of Skiathos

So My friend Alessandro , next time you like to go crazy fast , tell me to find you a nice fast rib with double the money and petrol .


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