Stefanos Ski School & Boat Hire has been selected as our winner for; Boat Tourof the Year in Sporades

Is the end of the season, all boats are packed and serviced away for the winter, and the rhythms went so rush slower comparing the summers rush. Sitting in my office and reading my emails.
I got this email for the second time as I deleted it the first time. What do the messages say?

How are you? I just want to check you received my earlier email about your award win for Stefanos Ski School & Boat Hire. 
You won Boat Tour of the Year and I just wanted to get your feedback on accepting the award. I’ve included most of the information in the email i had sent before (included below) on how it all works and on the process moving forward. If there is anything more you would like to know, please drop me a line. 

Thank you so much guys !!

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