Skiathos boat hire at Stefanos Ski School on Vassilias beach

“Excellent Water Ski School, Expert & patient teaching. Stefanos is friendly, honest, responsible and safety conscious.” 5 of 5 stars Pending review Once you meet Stefanos and his lovely family you will instantly realise that the 2 negative reviews on here by Patricia D and Stefan G are not to be trusted as genuine reviews. I would not be in the least bit surprised if they were written by a jealous competitor writing fake reviews on Trip Advisor in a spiteful attempt to discredit Stefanos and his professional and well organised family run business.Unlike these slanderous liars I will provide a genuine truthful review that I can back up with pictures and videos of my family enjoying 2 wonderful holidays on one of the boats we hired from Stefanos as well as in his beautiful Villa Jasmin which he lovingly named after his wife.We originally hired a boat from Stefanos in 2012 whilst staying at The Kassandra Bay hotel. Immediately we were welcomed with opened arms and treated like old friends. He and his wife Jasmin are lovely and this family run business could not be any more welcoming. We returned this year and stayed in their Villa Jasmin where we enjoyed one of the best holidays of our lives. Stefanos is responsible, puts safety first, and offers expert water sports tuition. He is patient and offers superb guidance – he got me up and wakeboarding on my first attempt! I have pictures and video to show his wonderful teaching and I will happily send them to you on request!Stefanos and Jasmine are responsible, honest and trustworthy to the point that I can trust them with my young children’s lives around water and the next time we go the children will learn water sports. Why will my children learn water sports at Stefanos Ski School an nowhere else? – The answer is Simple: He is honest, safety conscious, responsible, he is an expert, he is patient, he has good equipment, and his prices are very reasonable.If you are visiting Skiathos and want to try water sports or hire a boat there is no better place to start than Stefanos Water Ski School at Vasilia Beach and I also recommend hiring a boat from him and travelling to Arkos and Tsougria.We hired a boat every day for 2 holidays (about 28 days in total). It was completely safe and reliable and did not break down once. We had no issues at all and it was the easiest and safest way to get small children directly to the beaches (wearing lifejackets of course) without standing near the busy main road and cramming onto a packed bus. It wasn't a brand new boat but it was incredibly reliable, safe, kept us in the shade, meant we didn't need a sunbed on the beach, got us to the quieter beaches and best of all it rocked the kids to sleep! Some of the best memories of my life are on that wonderful little boat. Here's the link below to one of our holidays in 2012 showing some of the fun we had on it. I would recommend it to everyone!http://youtu.be/SJmdJ72z7UYIf the link doesn't work then just click on YouTube and type "Skiathos 2012 Stefanos Ski School" its the one with a boat and a woman and two small kids stood in front of it in the water. Visited July 2014" I hope this is okay my friend? If there is anything else I can do to help or anywhere I else you need a good review then just ask. I expect nothing in return but your friendly smiles when we come to Skiathos again! kisses, The Lobacz family


“Excellent tuition and a great place to learn or progress” Having attempted to water ski on holiday many years ago, I had resigned myself to the fact that it was impossible, for me anyway. I was therefore rather sceptical that years later I would be able to do it, however Stefanos was very confident and persuasive that he could teach me, so I tried again. What I now realise, is that previously I had simply had a 'go' at water skiing with a what amounts to a 'man with a boat and a rope' on a holiday beach with no experience or equipment that would enable anyone to learn how to actually ski. The difference at Stefanos ski school is he is a qualified UK instructor who has the correct boat, knowledge and equipment to enable almost anyone to learn how to ski safely and correctly. From learning to ski with Stefanos 5 years ago now, we now go to Skiathos every year for our Summer holiday. As a relatively late starter, I now love water skiing and am competent on a mono-ski, progressing relatively quickly from 2 skis to one, and loving the speed and exhilaration of slalom skiing under Stefanos's clear, concise and professional tuition. Stefanos has also taught my three children how to ski, my youngest daughter first skiing on the line at only 5 years old! (Something my wife thought impossible) He is exceptionally patient, easy to understand, and very encouraging whether it's a child or adult trying to ski for the first time or competent mono skiers like myself looking to improve my technique and posture when turning and crossing the wake at speed. In a nutshell, we have no hesitation at recommending Stefanos's ski school to everyone - he has taught myself and 3 children to enjoy the sport and continually improve. This introduction to water skiing has now given our Summer holidays a completely different dimension which I can’t thank him for enough. Thank you Stefanos, and keep up the good work!PS: I forgot to mention, when we visited last year, Stefanos had has friend from London staying there who also happens to be the British Water Ski team coach - both him and Stefanos spent a lot of time with myself and family and we received a level of coaching that you simply couldn't pay for! Visited July 2014

my husband and I have visited skiathos every year for the last 9 years and all I can say is what fantastic service we have had from stefanos ! Excellent service and equipment! We have tried others on the island but all I can say is we wouldn't go back to the others as we where truly looked after so well !!! This guy is a true gentleman honest and cares that you enjoy your experience wether its hiring a boat or having a go at water sking !!! Excellent is as I have to say :)Visited September 2014

John & Debbie

Skiathos boat hire at Stefanos Ski School on Vassilias beach

Speaking as someone who is scared stiff of the sea, I listened to May daughter who wanted to rent a boat. I was a little nervous at taking a boat out into open sea, Stephanos and his wife had a long chat with me and put my mind more at rest, oh boy was I pleased that they did, they do not simply give you boat and take your money, the instructions given on safety, operating the boat, weather conditions and where to go we're excellent, one piece of advice... Book early they get reserved fastI am returning to Skiathos and I will be both renting a boat again and Stephanos learning to water ski with you. If you read this Stephanos, one tip as a Snow Ski Instructor tell your lovely wife that to help her stop on snow skis... Break the golden rule of skiing when learning to stop and sink your weight low and backwards she will stop more easily lol.Visited August 2014

Keith Y