Lalaria is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Skiathos .
Weather permitting is a great idea to visit the beach of Lalaria , Blue & Black cave . The water is so bright because the marble reflects the sun and that gives to the beach a unique color.

We love going to Lalaria but only the weather is perfect , otherwise is difficult to approach

4 Responses to Trip to Lalaria beach , Blue & Black cave
  1. Hello,we would like to visit Lalaria beach & blu caves.Is it possible only for 2 person. Please let me know the price and when.
    Thanx.Best regards.
    Helena &Evgen

    • Hi Helena and thank you for your comment ! , Please contact me via our email so we can send you all the info and details about the trip !!
      One is for sure we will try to make it a WONDERFUL experience !! 🙂
      Best regards

      • Hi. Please advise how we can book s boat trip to Lalaria beach.

        • Hi and thank you for your interest in our trips.
          Depending on the weather you just call or send me a message to arrange the trip and all the details.
          Thank you again for the interest, if not this year we will be very happy to show you Skiathos magical Lalaria the best way.
          Kind regards


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