Water Sports Certified Quality 1 Stefanos Ski School & Boat rental

Stefanos Ski School & Boat Hire Center started the procedure to get certified quality by TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

Congratulations tο Stefanos Ski School & Boat Hire, the first water sports center in Sporades (Vasilias Beach, Skiathos) for its decision to be certified with the “Water Sports Certified Quality” model of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS. 
Our family of ambassadors keeps growing every day!
The model’s implementation executed by Greek water sports agencies can contribute to a significant enhancement of security and promotion of our country as a top tourist attraction for water sports.
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When you think of Greece automatically your mind thinks, Sea , Sun, Sand holidays ……. Watersports !!!!!
Fun under the hot sun, in the cleanest, safest and warmest waters in the world.
I teach people to waterski all my life for more than 35 years and I just love it.
Today my kids are spending a wonderful time in the water learning all kind of watersports with safety and this is an amazing thing we have here in Skiathos.
Safety always has been my number one priority, and that worked really well. All these years I run my business with zero accidents keeping my customers happy.

Water Sports Certified Quality 2 Stefanos Ski School & Boat rental
Safe Watersports

But i was thinking that it would have been fantastic if there was someone to check how good i do my job and get a certificate for that, so people who don’t know me and my business to be able to see my certificate and trust me and my company from the start.

For the first time ever in Greece, there is an Organization who cares about all these watersports businesses and that is great.
Safe Water Sports’s partnership with TUV Austria Hellas started to certify Water Sports businesses offering Certification protocol for Licenced Water Sports Centers in Greece.
I checked the company i spoke with some wonderful people and here i am !

We are very proud to announce that and we will keep you updated with all the details !!
We believe we have all the standards TUV asks and we are confident that we will get certified.

TUV stefanos Ski School & Boat Hire

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